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Coptic Cross Pendants

These fabulous pendants feature Coptic crosses, handmade in Ethiopia and a selection of handmade Ghanaian glass beads.  Their adjustable leather thongs allow them to be adjusted and worn stylishly long if desired.

The coptic crosses I use are made in Ethiopia where they are individually hand cast. They are normally made of a copper alloy and then silver plated.   A typical Ethiopian cross usually incorporates detailed and elaborate latticework which represents everlatsting life.   Each cross is unique depending on the artists design sensibility.  Although most crosses are made from metal, some are also made from wood.   The metal ones are cast using the lost wax process.

There is a very well made short video on the making of Coptic Crosses here and the most incredible documentary on Ethiopian Christianity here.  

It is the rich stories behind the beads, crosses and textiles that I use that I love, and this is what makes each African Baroque neck adornment so special.