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Earring Details & Options

The following information is intended to assist you to select a pair of earrings that perfectly meets your requirements.

These textile earrings are available in small and large and both are very light and comfortable to wear.  There are infinite variations as each pair, being hand crafted, is an unique item.


The weight will vary depending on the beads used but usually will be close to the following:

  • Small earrings weigh an average of 7 grams per earring.
  • Large earrings weigh approximately 16 grams per earring.

Dimensions are also affected by the size and number of beads used as well as the length of the tassels which are trimmed until a perfect balance is achieved.  The dimensions shown below are intended as an indication only.



Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the images shown on this website accurately reflect the colours of each item, variations will sometimes occur that are beyond my control, mainly as a result of variations on individual monitors.

Materials used

Although I mostly use African textiles and beads I don’t limit myself to these.  However the facts and the history  behind the beads I use are very interesting and contribute a lot to every item.  I love to share the stories behind  African Baroque creations so please do contact me if you would like to know more.

  • Textiles used include: cotton shweshwe, a variety of African print textiles, linen, raw silk and many others including vintage textiles.
  • Beads include: handmade African beads, antique trade beads, Indian and Japanese as well as found and vintage beads.
Stirling silver Shepherds Hooks

Handmade Stirling silver shepherds hooks are also available on request (see top right image).  Should you prefer this option there will be an additional cost of USD5 (approximately R60)

  • I use the South African Postal Service registered airmail small packet post to deliver earrings anywhere in the world.
  • This takes two weeks on average to reach most destinations and often considerably less.
  • Prices include international registered airmail by the South African Postal Service. It is possible to post as many as three small pairs in s small bubble wrap envelope so if you are ordering more than one pair I will recalulate a reduced shipping rate.
  • South African customers please contact me to discuss your preferred delivery and collection options.




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Introducing African Baroque earrings

Our latest gorgeous adornments

Whether you’re a longtime fan of African Baroque or have only just discovered us you are going to love these richly coloured and textured miniature textile earrings.  For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of creating African Baroque earrings and I’m  really excited that they have become a reality.  I’ve produced them in two sizes so there are lots of options to play with.

The big ones have tandletons that are about 5cm in diameter, but here is the amazing thing; even the large earrings seldom weigh more than 30g.  They are big and bold but with each earring weighing in at around 15g you get the magnificence of large scale without the discomfort!

You’ll love the smaller ones too.  They are unbelievably light, weighing on average 12g a pair although this varies depending on the beads I’ve incorporated as well as the size of the tandletons. And yet they too have a richness of colour that makes it so easy for you to combine them with all of your favourite fashion garments .

These good news is that these beauties give you all the qualities of an African Baroque necklace so if you’ve always longed for one but not been able to afford it we can now offer you some of the joy of owning a pair of our gorgeous textile earrings at a fraction of the price.

Shop Earrings

The photographs on the shop page show the earrings in their entirety accompanied by two close up shots to give you a good idea of the details of each pair.  I’ll be added dimensions and exact weight in the next few days.

Postage Options and Discounts

Postage is such that it is worth buying two or three pairs at once as I can include them in the same postage cost bracket which is approximately USD5.80. In addition if you buy three pairs I will give you a 10% discount.