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Coptic Cross Beaded Necklace (tangerine)

I’ve used some really fabulous beads on this necklace and a lovely large Coptic cross, handmade in Ethiopia.

The beads are probably made in India and resemble ancient Indus Valley beads.  In other words they are “new” beads made to look old.  But it has been done so successfully that they absolutely have a very special beauty.

I’ve interspersed them with bone beads from Nigeria, carved and uncarved, ebony discs and wooden beads.

The thong is made of plaited leather and the binding is hand dyed hemp cord.

The Coptic cross is large and a lovely example of the latticework employed in Ethiopia.  The cross itself is also full of symbolism that goes right back to ancient Egypt starting with the Ankh-  Egyptian hieroglyph for “life” or “breath of life”.