We create African Baroque adornments by  hand using fabulous African textiles fused in new and unusual ways with found and vintage fabrics such as raw silk.

Most of the beads we use are made from recycled materials, in remote villages using age old traditional methods such as the lost wax method.

Some of these may wait in the studio for years before they find their way into a new piece.

But when they do it will be because they offer the perfect combination in tone and texture.

The African beads are all made by recycling glass, brass and aluminium - there's an honesty about them that is incredibly appealing in our wasteful world of throwaway mass production.

Contemporary African handcrafted textile jewellery

Textile necklace


Hand embroidery and stunning beadwork are used to create an eclectic and alluring effect. 




Contemporary African handcrafted textile jewellery

>Fabrics such as indigo cloth from Mali are handspun, handwoven and hand dyed - a rare find in our industrialised world.

unique fabric necklace

Every African Baroque adornment is a unique, wearable artwork.