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Three strand rope necklace with some very unusual Vaseline trade beads and handmade, recycled brass beads from Ghana.

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This is a very sculptural piece made from wax fabric and raw silk. It holds its shape really well whilst remaining comfortable to wear.

The green Vaseline beads are trade beads, made in Bohemia (current Czechoslovakia) in the 18th or 19th century. They were treasured in Nigeria until they found their way to South Africa earlier this year. Vaseline beads got their yellow and greenish colour by the addition of Uranium dioxide (sand). The quantitiy used is far too small to present any health hazard.
The brass beads are made by the Ashanti people and have been for centuries. They use the lost wax method which means that a new mould is required for each bead. This is not only time consuming but also means that no two are ever identical.


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