In 2015 Cape Town artist Colleen Brand began fusing traditional South African textiles and handmade African beads  in a new and exciting way to create one-of-a-kind textile necklaces.

They were big and bold and completely original.

The response to them was so enthusiastic that she began to make pieces as gifts for friends and it wasn’t long before the orders began to arrive and African Baroque was born.

In a relatively short period of time, African Baroque jewellery can be seen worldwide as women from all corners of the globe choose to adorn themselves with these beautiful, colourful hand crafted pieces.

The range has grown to include earrings, bangles and brooches.

Despite the growing demand it is Colleen’s wish that each piece continues to be handmade slowly, stitch by stitch.  Indeed, this growth means that work is now shared amongst women in the local community providing extra income and the benefit of working from home.

The intense attention to detail and reverence for the crafters who make the beautiful  African beads places them firmly in a class of their own and is probablyanother reason why more than half of our customers return again and again.

African Baroque is all about seeing perfection in imperfection; the marks left on a brass bead by the flight of a file, speckle of sand and grit creating a frosted texture in a glass bead. These visual clues provide an insight into the craftsmen and women in remote villages who still practise ancient techniques using humble tools to create the beads that we share with you.

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