Absolutely beautiful work. Am very proud to own a few (too few) pieces. Am excited about the new stud designs too. So you’ll see me quite soon again, Colleen and Co! Savyra Meyer-Lippold (SA)

Beautifully stitched, meaningful, super light to wear and oh, so pretty!  Love my earrings!! Heidi Em (South Africa)

Wonderfully talented charming artist Colleen has colorful unique fabric art jewelry! Miriam Bradman Abrahams (USA)

I have two pieces of jewellery from the lovely Colleen and was fortunate to meet her on our trip to South Africa; I love handmade items and textiles created with love, care and innovation and her products tick all the boxes! Order from her if you want something unique...

Such great service and amazing pieces – i am so happy🙌 its going to be great to wear something unique and handcrafted. Sigrid Ringström (Denmark)

Absolutely brilliant…..excellent service…..my partner loved her present. Gregory Ruming (Australia)
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