Ishtar’s Story


Unique, handcrafted textile necklace.

Made in Cape Town South Africa.


The Hamsa hand is an ancient middle eastern talisman that people believed would protect them from harm and bring them abundance, fertility, luck and good health.  A sacred symbol to many cultures and religions, it is known by various names such as ; Hand of Fatima (Islam), Hand of Miriam (Judaism), Hand of Mary (Christianity).

We’ve loved taking our time to richly embroider this necklace which is made from genuine South African Three Cats Shweshwe,  raw silk, vintage sari silk and found fabric.  The result is really rich, colourful and completely unique piece of wearable art.

The beads we’ve used are matt resin teardrop beads, recently sourced in Bali and a tiny Hamsa hand carved from bone.

You can use this piece to update your wardrobe and add a healthy dose of eclectic bohemianism.

And of course, enjoy the benefits of wearing your very own amulet.

Earrings sold separately.

If you’re interested in owning this piece, please email or whatsapp us for more information.