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Postage Stamp Necklace

One-of-a-kind textile necklace.

Crafted by hand in Cape Town, South Africa


We’re really proud of this unusual and beautiful neck adornment inspired by a set of postage stamps from Republique Centraficaine dedicated to traditional African hairstyles.

The stamp image was digitally printed onto Egyptian linen before being handstitched and embellished with our trademark textile tandletons.  The pendant bead is a vintage trade bead from Mali.

The necklace is encircled with handmade, handpainted recycled glass beads from Ghana.

We’ve used traditional genuine South African shweshwe, silk, linen and cotton batique from Bali.

It is a beautiful and striking necklace and when you’re not wearing it, you’ll want to display it in your home as it is indeed an artwork in it’s own right.





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Weight 160 g


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