This is one of those necklaces that really excites me.  It started from a particular point with a particular intention and then took on a life of it’s own.

This feeling used to happen to me when I was painting and etching and it was such an amazing feeling because it took away the “intellectual” aspect and I would no longer be making conscious decisions but intuitively adding and subtracting.  The struggle ended and a beautiful process took over.

So on my return from inspirational and superbly creative Bali, I began reading up about the people of the amazing island and how it is that almost everyone is creative, and in doing so discovered the word Taksu which to seems in some of my research at least to mean what I’m trying to describe. It seems to be applied to dance, healing and I found references to it in terms of craft and artistic creation.  And if I’m correct it basically seems to be that state when something external/spiritual takes over from basic humanness and elevates the person be they healer, speaker, dancer, artist to another level. The link I’ve supplied will take you to a very interesting article titled “Taksu, the Secret of the Balinese Healers” and is writted by By : Ayu Puspita Dewi, Director of Jamu Spa School  (Jamu is another subject worth investigating)  I swear the Balines know the secret to living a beautiful life.

But back to the necklace itself:

I’ve used a huge variety of textiles including Shweshwe, African waxprint, vintage Thai silk, Balinese batik cotton, linen and found fabrics.

It’s generously embellished with lots of beads including sumptuous resin from Indonesia, brass beads from Ghana and silver from Ethiopia.

It’s a comfortable necklace to wear and looks fabulous with pretty much everything.

There is no fastener, you simply pop it over your head and you’re ready to go.

This is truly a piece I’m proud to call African Baroque.

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