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A totally divine richly embellished necklace that I don’t really want to part with!  The colours flow between gorgeous rich pinks and pure black with accents of mossy green.  There’s an energy happening here that is very exciting.

It all began with a rather lovely wax fabric.  What do I mean by “lovely”?  Well you really get wax fabric and then you get wax fabric!  Although most are incredible and vibrant, some are quite ghastly!  This one is really classy and it determined what the piece would look like from day one.

The asymmetrical cluster of tandletons is composed of colours that speak to the original wax fabric.  This interplay carries through to the bead selection and there are some real beauts here.  Look out for a tiny porcelain bead, a gift from internationally known potter John Bauer.  If you’re interested in knowing more about John and his wonderful work do visit his facebook page.

What I think you’ll love about this necklace is the way you’ll see more interesting little details each time you look at it.

Occasionally prospective clients express a concerns about what they’ll be able to wear the pieces with.  But this is really NOT an issue and this piece is a perfect example.  I’ve tested against black, white, brown, purple an endless variations and combinations and it’s absolutely awesome.

Some useful information: Weight: 126g (about 1/4 of a block of butter) Length: 22cm measured from my collar bones – base of neck to the tip of the necklace.