African Baroque is all about seeing perfection in imperfection;  the marks left on a brass bead by the flight of a file, speckle of sand and grit creating a frosted texture in a glass bead.  These visual clues provide an insight into the craftsmen and women in remote villages who still practise ancient techniques using humble tools to create the beads that we share with you.

How we began...

The range extends from earrings and rings through to large sculptural necklaces.  The product is not static but evolves intuitively in a meandering textile and bead safari that will transport you on a visual and tactile adventure.  And even the largest necklace and longest earrings will be some of the most comfortable jewellery you'll ever wear.

At first you'll notice our adornments simply because they're so unusual.  The vibrant colours will catch your eye.  But on closer inspection you'll start to notice the magical of the detaill; - subtle stitching, the patina of an ancient trade bead, the earthy texture of a handmade bead and the fluidity of a silky handmade tassel.  There's a life in these pieces that seeps into them through the many hands that have made them.


In a world that is all about instant gratification. We seek to share a love of slowly made, intensely tactile little treasures.  We're motivated by a love of  colour, texture and authenticity that has its roots in our immigrant past but brought to life by our passion for our homeland at the tip of Africa.

This is all about journeys and interactions with others.  Their rich cultures are stitched into our creations.  And we in turn share them with you.  Beautiful and rare beauties that bring with them the aura and mystery of foreign lands.